Links or Hyper Text Links

<A HREF = "path/filename.htm" >Link Text </A>

Standard link, syntax for use with class is A:link.classname
If link has been clicked on previously, syntax for use with class is A:visited.classname

<A HREF = "path/filename.htm" CLASS="classname" >Link Text </A>

A:link {color:blue}
A:visited {color:red}
A:link.classname {color:cyan}
A:visited.classname {color:yellow}

Style for link will override style for element that contains it. Otherwise it will inherit font type, size etc.


To disable automatic text wrapping

#id_name {white-space: nowrap;}

<TD ID="id_name"> 10000 25322 </TD>


Divisions - <DIV>

To prevent a specific division of an HTML document from being printed specify the following.

# division_name ,  .noprint { display: none; }

&nbsp; - used to space words in html.

Include Images In Web Pages

Center an image

IMG.classname {display:block;margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto}

Within the style sheet list the image specifications after those of the text elements for the benefit of Firefox.

Use the <DEL> and &#INS> Tags to Identify Changes in a Document

The quick red grey fox jumped over the lazy brown dog